Arrogant Paladin of the Light


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A badass in combat, but he doesn’t get into combat much because it’s so easy.

A surprise is his ability to do duels of wits, which he EXCELS at.


Jordan has had an interesting life.

As a child, he grew disillusioned with the ways of the nobles and their disrespect for the peasants, and so he joined the insurrectionists, making and planting firebombs where they would cause the most havoc to the lords’ plans without hurting the peasants.

One day, however, he had a dream about the adult Jaina on one of these raids, and she convinced him of the error of his ways. He left the insurrection and joined the army, trying to find some discipline. Then he left that, when he saw how crappily they were treating the peasants, and joined a church. After awhile there, Uther noticed Jordan’s potential, and he became a paladin of light.


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